Smart Technology for Seniors Living Alone

Dated: July 31 2019

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Today’s smart technology has made it much easier for seniors to remain independent and self-sufficient. Previously, seniors living alone had a limited number of resources when trying to improve their chances of staying independent. However, almost overnight, there became a vast number of technologies available – all of which claim to improve the quality of life for seniors. Consequently, trying to decide which smart devices work best for your lifestyle can be overwhelming. To help you stay sane in the world of smart technology, we’ve compiled a list of smart devices that can improve quality of life and sense of security as a senior living alone.


Smart Speaker

Whether you are technology-savvy or new to the digital world, smart speakers are incredibly easy to use and offer a long list of benefits, especially for those of us living alone. The benefit comes from the brain of the smart speaker, providing an automated personal assistant who follows your verbal commands to the T. Your smart speaker will answer questions, give you updated weather reports, set to-dos and reminders, make phone calls, send messages, and create shopping lists. Using simple voice commands, these speakers allow you to control all smart home products, like light bulbs, deadlocks, and thermostats, and communicate with your loved ones or emergency services.  


Smart Video Display

Smart video displays combine a camera, speaker, and mic, with a high-resolution display and a voice-assistant, to provide us with the next generation of communication. These devices not only allow you to call your loved ones but see them too. Many of these displays feature cameras and mics that intelligently adjust to follow motion – so as your granddaughter dances around the room, the focus stays on her. Video calling displays were created to connect loved ones regardless of distance and are easy to use regardless of experience.


Video Doorbell

A smart doorbell replaces your old doorbell with one that utilizes a Wi-Fi video camera, motion detector, and two-way speaker. No matter if you are out-and-about or at home, an app on your phone connects with the doorbell and allows you to see, record, and talk to whoever approaches your door. As a highly effective security measure for anyone living alone, these doorbells are valuable smart home resources. 


Smart Fitness Tracker

Wearable fitness trackers allow you to monitor key points of your health and make improvements based on the information. The main features of the trackers include a 24/7 heart rate monitor, a sleep tracker, on-screen workout guides, and an activity tracker that counts steps, distance, and the number of calories burned throughout the day. In addition, most sync with fitness apps on your smartphone, which let you set goals and keep track of your health and fitness progress. 


Smart Sleep Tracking Mat 

Without a healthy amount of quality sleepseniors can face serious health complications that make living alone dangerous. Sleep health should be a serious priority for all of us, but especially for seniors who want to continue to live alone successfully. A smart sleep tracking mat is a thin, highly accurate sensor placed under your mattress to monitor your respiration, heart rate, and sleep cycles. Most sleep trackers deliver sleep reports, find your optimal wake time, provide you with personalized sleep coaching, and can even detect sleep abnormalities like sleep apnea.



Whether you are looking to improve your health, beef up your home security, or simply make your day-to-day life easier, smart technology may be the key to your happiness. For those seniors living independently, we recommend you use these five smart technologies to keep you living a healthy, safe, and self-sufficient, solo life in style. 

By Stephanie James, Guest Writer 

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